At The Agency Side, our vision is to be the number one company in the US that understands and satisfies the strategy, content, technology, and design needs of female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. We look forward to serving you! 


 Amanda Tress

Amanda is a digital marketing consultant, mom of two, and a personal trainer. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs like you be successful in both career and life. Her team at The Agency Side will help you generate high-quality products for your small business and achieve more this year than ever before. 

Lindsey Murray

Lindsey is a photographer, designer, and mom of 2 boys. Lindsey specializes in helping entrepreneurs develop their brands through their online presence and digital products. She has an eye for design and will help you create a brand that helps you build a relationship with your followers and clients. 

Our Story

Amanda has spent 15 years working in the fitness industry, creating very successful bootcamps and mentoring other fitness professionals. Working with passionate, driven, and motivated women was the best feeling in the world, but something was missing. Amanda's clients were successful, but behind the scenes they were struggling to manage the tasks that come with building an online business. Many of her clients were purchasing courses they never completed or spending hours on tasks they hated doing but knew they needed (managing their email lists, creating lead magnets, and running ads). She knew there had to be a solution the this stress and frustration.

Amanda and Lindsey knew that they could help these frustrated and stressed female entrepreneurs by taking care of the tasks their clients didn't want to do themselves. In January 2016, they launched Agency Side. Since then, they have been helping their clients take and develop ideas into thriving businesses, and turning those businesses into ELITE brands. With the services provided by The Agency Side, their clients were able to stop wasting time doing mundane tasks so they could spend that time actually building and growing their businesses.

At The Agency Side, we work to find the most qualified professionals in each industry to help you grow your business. We have created a team that cares deeply for our clients, and we always put our clients' needs first. Rest assured that when you work with The Agency Side, we will work hard to make sure that your needs are met. We will provide you with the high quality, professional products and services that you need to take your business to the next level.