Establishing Your brand

5 Ways to Establish Your Brand

Are you unhappy with your current brand? Maybe you haven't established a brand at all and you're feeling lost. Before you spend time connecting with a designer, (we have wonderful designers here at The Agency Side!), be sure you take time to think through what you want your brand to represent. Your brand will be the first way that potential clients will meet you, so it’s important to have a thoughtful, cohesive brand that tells the story you want people to hear.

Brand Everything

Branding is so incredibly important—it’s one of the first ways that people will connect with you. You want to make sure you’re having consistent branding everywhere, across all platforms because each platform you use brings new people to your brand. You need to make sure those new people are seeing your brand and connecting with you visually.

Here are a few options to consider adding your brand to:

  • Email header + signature
  • Blog header + signature
  • Social media accounts
  • Graphics

When you add your brand to these elements, make sure your brand is visually cohesive. Use the same colors, fonts, and other visual elements whenever you create content for your various platforms. You want your followers to instantly recognize your brand whenever they see your content on any platform.

Know Your Audience

If you haven’t yet, set aside time to really think through who your ideal client is. What’s most important to your ideal client? What are his or her pain points? What words to they connect to? When writing your copy, it’s important to use the same language that your ideal client uses, and to speak directly to him or her. When you are creating your images, content, or marketing materials, keep this avatar of your ideal client in mind every step of the way. Keeping your ideal client in mind will help you connect via your brand.

Be a Know It All

Here’s the thing...YOU. ARE. AN. EXPERT. There, I said it. Don’t get caught up in what to call yourself. If you’re confident, people will believe you. If you are good at something, own it. Now that we’re on the same page, show your skills to your clients. Establish trust and build strong relationships with your audience by adding value. Create blog posts, social media posts, webinars, and live video that add value to your ideal client’s life and help them work through pain points that they’re experiencing. Your high-quality content is where you will build on your expert status. When your followers think of your name, they should immediately think “value.”

Stop Waiting

One of the worst things you can do is stop moving forward with your business because you think your branding isn’t perfect. It’s far better to move forward with a good brand than it is to waste time making minor tweaks to your brand until it’s perfect. There will always be some branding element that slips your mind or isn’t quite perfect. Know that it’s okay to make tweaks to your brand after you launch. Don’t rush through your branding process, however. Take the time to get it right as best you can, and have someone look through your branding elements closely to make sure your brand is cohesive.

Take Your Friends Along for the Ride

When you are creating your brand or establishing a new one, it is important to talk about it, and not just once or twice. Consistently remind people of your story, your “why,” how excited you are about your brand and purpose, and what is to come. Build excitement and continue to build your connections as you work towards launching your brand. When your ideal clients find you, they’ll be drawn in by your authenticity and by how much your message resonates with them and what they need. Your brand will truly speak to them, and will speak a lot about you, too, and your values and purpose.