Why you're not getting clients


Are you trainer or other fitness professional who is struggling to get new clients into your wellness business? Know that you are not alone. I come across this scenario often, and in fact just the other day I was on a consult with a client who told me she’s struggling to get new people into her programs. This client thought she wasn’t pulling in new clients because she hadn’t reached her own weight loss and fitness goals. She still had some weight she wanted to lose and hadn’t gotten to the point where she felt confident in herself and thought that’s why she wasn’t getting new clients. I hear this concern from my clients very often.


In reality, you do not have to be a size two or be perfectly fit to attract clients to your brand and convert them effectively into your programs. In fact, I work with plenty of people who are, by a doctor’s standard, overweight, or who are otherwise on their own journey. Your own level of fitness is not the problem. The problem happens when you personally feel passion for your own health and wellness but you’re not seeing progress. You lack the confidence required to convert people into your programs because you’re feeling like maybe you aren’t the best trainer if you’re not seeing progress. You start to worry that you don’t have what it takes to help other people. However, your lack of confidence and progress is the real problem. If you’re 100 pounds overweight and you’re consistently losing a pound or two a week, you actually have a better chance of getting people into your program than if you’re five pounds away from your goal but you’re feeling insecure because you’re not seeing the progress that you desire.


Luckily, there are a couple of really easy fixes for this. I’ll be honest with you—for a long time, I was in a bit of a rut myself, where I wasn’t seeing results that I was hoping for in terms of muscle gains and I still had a little bit of fat tissue around my midsection. During that time in my life, my fitness business hasn’t really taken off. I was still working with a lot of clients in person, but the online business wasn’t quite taking off. It was when I started feeling tremendous passion about fitness in addition to progress in my own personal health and wellness journey that I started attracting more clients to my business. My progress energized me and I was excited about what I knew could truly help my clients meet their goals.


If you are in this situation where you are a health coach or personal trainer and you yourself are struggling to see progress in your own fitness journey, I would encourage you to invest in a trainer. I have a trainer, even though I train other trainers. I think it’s really beneficial for us to try new things, to switch it up, to feel like we’re seeing progress to help us feel passion and excitement. My trainer has helped me get past my plateaus and get me where to be. If you’re in the situation where you’re training yourself and are going to the gym consistently, doing cardio and weights but you aren’t seeing any gains or progress, consider hiring your own trainer.

If you’re in the spot where you’re not onboarding clients like you would like to, if you're feeling insecure because you’re not where you want to be, and you’re not even seeing progress toward your goals, hire a trainer. If you’re looking for a trainer, I can train you, or you could find a trainer online or in your area. Your trainer will help push you to reach your goals in ways that you can’t push yourself, and your progress will give you the confidence you need to bring new clients to your business. When you start seeing progress and you’re sharing your progress online, potential clients will be are excited about what you’re doing in your own health and wellness journey, and they’ll be more excited and incentivized to invest in you.