5 Elements of an effective marketing and sales funnel


Today I want to chat a little bit about creating an effective marketing and sales funnel. I think a lot of women who are in my programs or who are considering my programs are not really sure what they should be doing to market their online boot camps, online courses, and other products and services. I wanted to break down a few elements of these sales funnels to be sure that you have an understanding of how to effectively convert clients.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales and marketing funnels help us find leads for our products and services, then help us to sell. We need a high volume of leads to convert a few highly qualified clients into our new boot camp, online course, onto our team, or other product or service. You need many leads to convert even a small number of clients into joining. For example, I’ll have 100 leads for a boot camp and literally 10 out of those 100 will be able to ultimately join the boot camp. I want you to always be thinking in terms of needing a significant number of highly qualified leads.

There are different ways to get those leads, which I’ll break down for you.

1. Early Stage Offer

One of the ways that I like to attract highly qualified leads into my sales funnel is with what I call an early stage offer. An early stage offer is a freebie that relates directly to the course or service you’re selling, and you exchange your early stage offer for your lead’s email address. Your offer could be a free mini eBook or a free challenge, for example. I typically offer my early stage offer via my website as a pop up, and I’ll also promote it across social media.

2. Multi Channel Marketing

We also need to make sure we incorporate multi channel marketing into our sales and marketing funnels. You need to be on social media, and not just one platform. You should be on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and you need to be doing live video. The more channels you’re on, the more likely it is that an ideal client will see your early stage offer. It’s important that we meet our prospects where they’re at to attract them to our business, so we can get their contact information and warm them up.

3. Email Campaigns

You also need to be effectively leveraging your email list to have a great sales and marketing funnel. Many times, digital marketers will put too much weight on email campaigns. Some marketers talk about email campaigns as if they’re the be-all and end-all of marketing. Email campaigns definitely have their place—I send out email campaigns, and I get quite a few conversions from email campaigns. But, it’s not the only form of marketing that we need to implement.

4. Webinars

I also have a webinar that I use as part of my funnel. Webinars tend to be the very best way for me to convert clients. My webinars offer highly valuable content and have a clear call to action at the end. Participants hear me talking for about 25 minutes, I share very good, relevant information, and at the end I have that clear call to action for them to register. Your call to action at the end of your webinar, usually signing up for your program, is crucial.

5. Individual Outreach

If all else fails, do individual outreach. I often will just message people and ask them what I need to do to get them into my boot camp. I’ll let them know they’re a perfect fit for the boot camp and that I would love to have the opportunity to work with them. With some people who are in my warm market and I know need to be in my boot camp, I will literally go as far as stopping by their house to have them give me payment for the program. If you know someone is perfect for your program, don’t hesitate to reach out to them individually and close the deal.


If you’re struggling to get more leads and more conversions, understand that there are multiple elements of an effective sales and marketing funnel. Don’t focus on only one of those elements, focusing solely on social media engagement or email campaigns. Make sure that you are leveraging multiple elements of your sales funnel to bring in as many leads as possible, then focus on converting those leads into paying clients.

If all of this feels way over your head, definitely consider signing up for one of my mentorship programs like the one month Business Accelerator. We’ll spend time working on your marketing and sales funnels and create a plan to grow your business.

amanda tress