Feature Friday: Jasmin Niemiec

Welcome to Feature Friday! Each Friday, I feature one of our clients, telling you more about her and her business. I love celebrating with my clients’ successes and wins, and I hope you’ll celebrate along with me!

Meet Jasmin Niemiec!

Jasmin is a running coach, helping runners get faster and run smarter with her VIP Running Academy, and with running training plans that she sells passively on her website. She also helps teach other running coaches how to ramp up their coaching businesses. Additionally, she helps runners shed fat and run faster with her Carb Cycling and Fasting for Runners program. You can read some of her best tips for runners and running coaches on the Coach Jasmin Blog.

Jasmin, who do you love working with?

“I am passionate about teaching female working professionals how running can enhance their family and career life through the sport of running. I teach runners how to train smarter, not harder, to reach their goals so they can enjoy a maintainable running routine, shed fat, and run faster, all while having time to spend with their family.”

How did you get into running?

“I am a small town girl who was asked to join her High Schools Cross Country team that was going to be shut down unless it saw some success this season. I had never run more than a mile in my life, but thanks to a coach who taught me how to train smart and to think BIG, I was able to be an All Ohio runner and a college runner.”

How has running changed your life?

“Through the most challenging times in life, running has been one of the main things that gave me hope, and showed me I had the potential do things I never thought possible.

“I never knew I had the ability to be an all-state mid-distance runner, run collegiately, do 15 mile long runs, and run 5k’s in times that only seemed possible for the elites. This sport gave me new confidence, and pushed me to set high goals in other areas of life.

“I believe running is the best sport for busy, working leaders and professionals, as it is a means to de-stress after a tough day, and a reminder that we can do the seemingly impossible.”

What’s a recent big win we can help you celebrate?

“I filled my first bootcamp and I have a waiting list for my next round.  I had a PR (that’s a personal record, for you non-runners!) of sales for the month. I started my first Run Coach Mentorship Program, and got my first client before even announcing the program! Tons of new clients lately and that is such a win!!”

Where you can find Jasmin:

Website: coachjasmin.com
Instagram: @Coachjasmin_
Periscope: @coachjasmin
Snapchat: jasminniemiec

Be sure to follow Jasmin for great running and business tips! She’s a great resource if you’re looking to start running, run a personal best, or to jump-start your run coaching business. Don’t miss out on Jasmin’s great content!

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