Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads


Many entrepreneurs have mixed feelings about Facebook. Facebook did a little bait and switch with business pages—we were told that we had ownership over our pages and our likers, then they switched to a pay-to-play model. However, even if you’ve been disenchanted with Facebook, you should still strongly consider running Facebook ads. Facebook ads are one of the most powerful advertising tools out there right now, and they really can help take your business to the next level.

How We Run Facebook Ads

Recently, we decided that we really needed to sit down and crack the code of Facebook ads. We didn’t want to, but the fact of the matter is you can get very granular with the targeting with Facebook ads. You also receive a lot of rich and detailed data from Facebook ads. So, we decided it was worth investing our time to figure out how to really optimize Facebook ads for our needs.

Because we understood how important Facebook ads were going to be to our business, we became Facebook ads experts. We have been running ads at least once or twice a week, and now we have our sales funnel dialed in. We have certain ads that run every single week of the month, depending on what we’re promoting.

The first week of the month, we promote a lead magnet or early stage offer, simply to build our email list. The second week of the month we promote a webinar, and the third week of the month, we do a Facebook ad for the Business Accelerator or one of our courses. We mix things up during the fourth week of the month, depending on our needs. Sometimes we’ll promote a final call for a program, or we might promote a brand new ESO.

What We’ve Learned

Testing our sales funnel with Facebook ads been quite the process, and thankfully we have the budget money to test ads. What we’ve found is that simply boosting an ad on your Facebook like page is basically like throwing money down the toilet. So, if you’re hoping to get some conversions for your bootcamp or to build your email list, we don’t suggest simply boosting a post from your Facebook like page. You should go into the Ads Manager or even the Power Editor to target your audience and create your ad.

Using Your Email List for Facebook Ads

One strategy we’ve been testing is uploading our email list to Facebook ads and targeting our warm market. That way, we target the people on our email list who have already opted in to one of our lead magnets. Typically Facebook can find about 40-60% of the people on your email list through their emails listed on Facebook. We’ve also been doing a little experimenting with lookalike campaigns, which use your existing email list to find people in your cold market who are very similar to your warm market.

Instagram Ads

For years, no-cost marketing on Instagram was very successful. But, Instagram isn’t as powerful as it once was because organic reach is lower. Instagram’s new algorithm changes mean fewer of your followers will see your posts, making it difficult to do free marketing on the platform.

We have also been testing ads on Instagram through the Facebook ads manager. We’ve been testing those ads for the past couple of months, and we have had good conversions. However, we have had better conversions with Facebook ads than with Instagram ads at this point, but we’re still testing some strategies on Instagram. We currently plan to primarily use Instagram ads to build our email list and not to get conversions for our programs and services.


If you’ve been avoiding running Facebook ads because you dislike the platform, you should take a moment to reconsider. Facebook ads are incredibly powerful and can find great cold market prospects that you can then warm up on your email list and convert into clients. You’ll also have the power to target your warm market through your email list, helping to convert your warm market into your programs and services. Strongly consider adding Facebook ads to your sales funnel if you haven’t already.

If you’re still struggling to set up Facebook ads, we can help! Request more information about our Facebook ads services here.

amanda tress