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At The Agency Side, our vision is to be the number one company in the US that understands and satisfies the product, marketing services, and business mentorship needs of female entrepreneurs. We look forward to serving you! 

This guide will help you understand the Bronze Year-Long Accelerator. 


Welcome to the BRONZE Year-Long Accelerator program! We are so excited to get started and we cannot wait to work with you.

As part of the Bronze program you will receive:

• Private Online Community
• Access to Monthly Trainings

What happens next?
You will receive a monthly recurring invoice for the Bronze membership. You will also receive an email with some documents for you to sign via DocuSign.


Communication: Please use the private Facebook community for any questions you may have. We do not use Facebook Messenger.
You may ask questions, post updates, and share within the private community as often as you would like!


You will receive an invoice when payment is due. You will have a 3-day grace period to fulfill the payment. Payments not received on or before the 3rd day (includes weekends and holidays) will incur a $25 late fee. An additional late fee of $10 per day will be incurred for payment delinquency on every day following the 3rd day. No services will be rendered until payment and late fees are paid in full. You have the right to suspend services at any time; however, your deposit fee and any cost associated with the program is nonrefundable. 


During the Business Accelerator, you may hear a few terms or systems that are new to you. We have provided a list below to help with understanding these items. 

Niche Market: The market you are targeting with your products or services. 

Ideal Client: This is your dream client. You solve their problems and target them through out your products, services, and website content.

Early Stage Offer (ESO): This is free content that you create for your niche market. Usually, this is a 1-2 page document that provides value and is related to a future program, product, or service you offer. 

Lead Page/Opt-in: This is a form you create to capture an email. Use lead pages to host webinars, webinar sign ups, sales pages, ESO opt-ins, challenge sign ups, video replays, thank you pages, and more.

Our favorite program: Leadpages ($25 per month paid annually or $37 per month paid monthly)

Sales Funnel: Used in email marketing to funnel readers toward a specific product or service. 

Newsletter platform: It is important to set this up before the course begins. 

Our favorites programs:

MailChimp : Free | Beginner | Limited capabilities

Active Campaign : $9 per month

Squarespace: Website creation site. Easy to use and customize websites. Drag and drop template. Beginner to Intermediate. $144 per year or $16 monthly.

WordPress: Website creation tool. Most powerful way to create your website or blog. Skill level: Intermediate. Free option available.