You know that social media is the best free way to connect with potential clients or customers. But, you’re frustrated that your posts aren’t being seen, and even when they are, they’re not bringing in sales. With all of the noise on social media, how do you connect with your followers and build real relationships that result in sales?

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Live video (like Facebook Live and YouTube live) is the most effective form of social media marketing, period. Professionals who commit to providing consistent value to their followers this year with live video will earn the ability to impact thousands of clients.

I know what you’re thinking--going live is TERRIFYING! You get so wrapped up in how your hair looks or how many times you’re saying “um” or “like” that you completely forget what you’re saying. You feel so nervous and self conscious that you’ll do one live video and then avoid it for the next week or month… or year. 

What you need is a guide to help you be outstanding on live video!

  • Do you want to learn how to develop genuine relationships and increase your client list using LIVE video?
  • Are you nervous about using live video to promote your business or unsure about what to share and when to utilize this powerful form of social media marketing?
  • Would you like to become more confident on LIVE video with the training and support of fellow female entrepreneurs?

I want to help you leverage the power of live video this year. I will train you on how to effectively use live video and help you develop a habit of using live video daily through a fun challenge. You will earn points and prizes simply for showing up on live video. Best of all, you’ll gain that confidence on live video that you’ve been craving, and you’ll probably see more sales for your business, too!

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Don’t look for cheap tricks or waste any more time trying to navigate the overwhelming world of live video before going through my course.

You can grow a following with highly qualified leads for your small business and ultimately increase your client list using this important medium.

Through this course you’ll learn:

  • How to captivate and convert your followers with live video
  • How to develop genuine relationships with your tribe
  • The biggest mistake most users make with live video
  • What you should talk about to build relationships with new clients
  • How to present a clear call to action that is certain to increase sales for your business
  • How much is too much to share
  • Which platform to use and why
  • How to create systems and reuse content


  • The Live Video Academy starts October 2
  • Only 50 spots available
  • Investment: $199

Hear from past members of the live video academy

Amanda is such a genius at diving in and starting things well before others, investigating the potential and really learning everything that is needed for optimal success. She of course uses the systems or platforms herself and clearly gets true joy out of helping others and teaching others how to use these systems and platforms for the success of their own businesses. I cannot recommend Amanda and her programs enough. -Kelly Olexa | FitFluential.com
At the end of this course, I can honestly say that I have grown in my confidence and have become more comfortable with live broadcasting. I have found myself getting more excited and passionate, and less self-conscious as I speak. The tips throughout the course really help you to direct your focus and tweak as time goes on. I have seen more engagement with my videos and more interest from viewers in what I am doing. I now know it is okay to tell people who I am, what I'm about, and what I can offer them. I am also now aware of my weakness and can make plans to troubleshoot! I have found that live video is a way to better express my passion for my business than any post I could create. -Jillian
The Live Video Academy was awesome! Lindsey and Amanda were very thorough with all the topics and answered all questions that anyone had. It was so nice to be in a supportive group to test it out and get your feet wet so you're ready to go live and make it big with your people! I definitely feel way more confident and actually enjoy live video now - before I was simply terrified of it. I'm excited to keep going live, connecting with my women, and making a difference! - D. Hammons
I'm so much more confident! Having the incentive to practice by getting on every day has made me feel so comfortable in front of my audience! -S. Webb
My experience in Amanda's Live Video course was amazing! I loved the energy of the group and I loved the valuable daily training we were receiving! I learned how to formulate my elevator speech, how to speak on LIVE video with confidence, lighting, and where to purchase good equipment for video purposes. I feel SUPER confident now on LIVE video and I feel much more prepared every time I get on. I did like the daily accountability I had with the 30 day LIVE video challenge where we were being held accountable for daily points prizes are always motivating too! I would recommend anyone this academy because Facebook currently favors live video and my following and views keep growing. I'm so happy I invested in this program!