Strategy Creation


Are you a busy mompreneur who wants to spend more time with your family this summer and less time working on social media? Then you’re in the right place! We are here to help you minimize the time you spend on strategy creation and maximize the impact of your marketing.

The details:

  • 3 months of content (50 posts total)
  • Call to create strategy and ideal client avatar (up to three hours over the three months) 
  • 5 images a week, customized for two different platforms. Copy for two platforms
  • Spreadsheet detailing timeline and copy for social strategy and accompanying images
  • Notes for 1 Live Stream video per week that encompasses focus and previous/upcoming posts. 

What you provide:

  • Images for content, or choices of images from stock images provided by TCC
  • Brand Profile (Logo and colors) for branding images
  • Any set focus you have in mind for your content links to blog posts, copies of posts to come out etc


 $475 per month for images with accompanying copy

Add in full scheduling for $125 per month – this includes two platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as well as Pinning each image to the pertaining created board, or a single board for the full program.