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Marketing + Mentorship for Female Entrepreneurs

As an experienced nurse practitioner, who was transitioning to building my functional nutrition and coaching practice hiring Amanda and her team has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made....the strategy calls, the support and the encouragement has catapulted my business in 2017. My goal has always been to not return to the grind of working nights, weekends and holidays in healthcare...and to create real growth and income in my business.

I initially started with the Business Accelerator program and then quickly realized that I wanted Amanda on an on-going basis in 2017! She values your own unique background and tailors her recommendations, her support and provides a degree of accountability that is unmatched.

The ability to utilize Amanda's incredible business skills combined with her talented Agency side staff has been truly instrumental in my success. Her staff is so creative and each person (Lindsey, Beth, Danielle, Morgan) treats you as an individual with valued and respected perspectives and needs.

What I truly love most is the wonderfully collaborative environment in which Amanda creates not only for her team, but for the the participants in the year long programs as well. It is all about empowering and supporting women....which is an incredible gift! -Cynthia Thurlow |


I first started working with Amanda Tress and the Agency Side in November, 2016. Since then, she has been instrumental in helping me to launch my "10 Day Detox" and 30 day "Your Best Life" online programs. The strategy calls with Amanda and her team have helped me to stay on track and focused when I felt like life was pulling me in too many directions to be able to grow my online services. The projects that the Agency Side have done for me have been very professionally designed, and have saved me so much time. I am excited to see how much more I can still achieve with the help of her and her team! -Dr. Jennifer Haessler, Naturopathic Doctor |

"Working with Amanda has been a very strategic decision and investment for my business.  When I originally met her, I was taking photos for her to use on the new website.  After chatting with her, I quickly realized that this relationship was one that I needed to grow and develop. While I had several fabulous online workshops and a strong online photography community, I didn't have an effective strategy for growing and scaling my business.  Amanda has helped me realize the areas in which I was lacking.  Through her mentoring, she has helped and inspired me to develop a robust sales funnel that better meets the needs of my clients AND provides for my family.  If your business, even a successful one, needs some fine-tuning and a swift kick-in-the-pants, Amanda is the one to help you make it happen!  I'm been nothing but pleased with my experience!" -Cyrissa |

"From the first 1 moment I got on a zoom with Amanda and Lindsey I knew my world was about to change. I have been trying to do everything myself for 3 years.  I had built a very successful online business but it was killing me inside. 

There was no " take a break." Constant HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE. I kept spending $$$$ on coaches who kept telling me what to do.  Not one of them ever said they could do it for me.

Within my first 2 weeks the things I had been trying to do myself, were done. The Agency Side would do it for me! It has been incredible. The only hold up has ever been ME. I am so excited for what this next year will bring.  Better business strategies.  Higher impact.  Greater Income.  All with more ease!!" -Carol Elizabeth |

I am beyond thankful for the support I received from The Agency Side and know they are a huge reason why my business started to explode! Over a 6 month period, The Agency Side redesigned my entire website and brand, created multiple lead magnets and a passive running program for my website, copy edited all of my blog posts, and even helped me with copy writing and Facebook ads. Through this 6 month time period, my business over doubled in profits and new customers, and I was now seen as an authority in my field by my colleges and new leads. The Agency Side works with 100% integrity and customer satisfaction, and I am so thankful for all they did to make my brand stand out amongst the crowd! If you need ANY back end work done for your website and brand, THIS Agency is the best out there! -Jasmin Niemiec |

"I was very hesitant to begin working with a mentor but I was at the point in my business of not knowing what to do next. My goal was to grow my online personal training services but I was stuck. I met Amanda through Instagram and had my first consultation with her about a year and a half ago. Since working with her, my business has over tripled in revenue each month! Amanda and The Agency Side continue to push me and guide me in ways I didn't know were possible. I have been so pleased with the deliverables that they present me each month to help further my business which let me focus on what I am good at - being a personal trainer! This investment in my business was one of the best business decisions I have made. I would highly recommend working with Amanda Tress and her team at The Agency Side!" - Jenny |

"I have been in the fitness industry for ten years and after putting tons of hours on the gym floor decided two years ago that I wanted to a portion of  my personal training business online to not only be able to reach out and help more women but to stop trading time for money. I then decided to reach out to Amanda after spending the prior year spinning my wheels trying to figure out smarter ways to grow my online business. It truly has been the best thing I have done for my business. She has pushed my way out of my comfort zone, which I truly needed and that shows with the growth of my online business in only the past eight months. I always look forward to the coaching calls with Amanda and her team. The calls leave me inspired and energized and eager to tackle my next business goal! I can’t thank Amanda and her team enough for the wonderful content, trainings and positive attitude they have brought to my business but my life! " -Jennifer Pede |

"Amanda Tress started as my personal trainer a couple years ago, and since then she has become a trainer, business mentor, and my go-to for anything web based. I have never met a more savvy and genuine person in my life! As soon as we opened our new company there was no one I was going to let touch my website expect Amanda and her team! Amanda, Lindsey, Monica, and Brandon (and others) have been nothing short of spectacular. As soon as I request a project the team is quick to respond, provide their expertise, sent a more than fair quote, and produce efficient, beautiful results! The Agency Side is the BEST out there for all marketing needs- don’t hesitate for a minute on hiring this team!" -Hannah Bowman |