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VIP Weekend Event

I am thrilled to announce the next VIP Weekend event scheduled for Sept 29 - Oct 2. In order to maximize the value of this event for each participant, I am only opening up 9 slots for this exclusive opportunity.


On VIP Weekend, we will spend time setting goals for your business, strategizing, brainstorming in a small mastermind group, networking, and implementing important action items to move your business forward. You will receive hands-on support, guidance, and feedback from my team, the other ladies at the retreat, and me.


We will work hard and accomplish a great deal. However, we will pause to have a lot of fun as well! You’ll leave the weekend with lifelong friendships and a clear direction and goals for your business.


The VIP weekend is near Tampa, Florida starting on Sunday and ending on Tuesday morning (Sept 29 - Oct 2). Please plan to arrive Saturday night and fly out early Tuesday morning. The event begins on Sunday morning at 9am.


The registration price for the VIP Weekend is $1,997. The event fee covers thousands of dollars worth of marketing and branding advice, a professional headshot and group photos for your marketing efforts, and technical support and implementation.


We would like to invite you to stay at the Tress Home in Largo, Fl. The house sleeps 8 comfortably (2 people to a bed). If you would like to arrange other accommodations, we have listed local hotels near by. Our meetings and photo sessions will be held here as well.


The ladies who have attended VIP Weekend have seen tremendous return on investment and speak very highly of the value provided through the weekend. I look forward to hosting you for VIP Weekend!

Please contact my team if you would like additional information or payment options.

Refund Policy: 50% refund if cancellation occurs within 30 days of event.

Local airports: St. Pete & Tampa International Airport 

Here are a few accommodation recommendations. Click the logos to visit each website for options.



My biggest takeaway from VIP Weekend is the importance of strategy, community, and TRUST. There is a process to the success of the FWTFL program and as a FWTFL coach: focusing on those two things and TRUSTING the process as you walk out strategies in a community you build for your clients and experience as a coach are crucial. Experiencing first hand the mindset of positivity and the success from the foundation of generosity and BUILDING UP OF OTHERS that  Amanda has created is truly like no other company out there. 

I was able to immediately implement the workshop on creating a lead magnet, focusing more on live video content and creation, social media content implementation from the AMAZING photos Lindsay Murray provided, and action steps for beginning my first round.

I left with an absolute deep confidence and satisfaction that the 84 hour whirlwind I experienced had grown me in ways not possible had I not attended. 

Amberly Deavours


VIP was just what I needed after a slow summer of taking time to be with the kids. I needed some fresh perspectives and energy to move forward with my goals and this was super helpful in doing that. I LOVED the work space, collaboration, and especially the consults with Amanda and the team. Having Lindsey and Morgan there to bounce around and help with tech issues was HUGE and allowed me to get a lot of work done in a short timespan. The food we ate was AMAZING and I loved being spoiled with a personal chef at the house.

You guys are truly exceptional at what you do and I'm so grateful for your guidance! Now, it's time to make some things happen!!

Katie Harlan


My Favorite part of VIP weekend was the group strategizing and dinners. Hearing feedback from everyone was very helpful, and having Amanda, Lindsey, and Morgan on hand to help was key! Dinners were fun to just relax and get to know everyone and the food was amazing!

The support was exactly what I needed. I was able to filter out any ideas I didn't need and focus on the good content. So helpful that the day after I got home, I was invited to speak at an all women's event for nutrition and fitness, I already have new one on one clients from my cold market and I’ve had to start a waitlist for the new program I was working on while in FL because after announcing it, it got pretty immediate attention! 

I absolutely left feeling excited! I loved all the girls that were there and it was so fun getting to know you all and them! I don't know if I would change anything!

Lindse Reynolds

The Business Mentorship VIP Weekend was just what I needed to put my business plans into action.  I had live one-on-one guidance and support that helped me focus on my major task of hosting my first webinar.  We had a beautiful time sharing our life goals, brainstorming, and hearing gentle, while honest, feedback on the look and feel of our brands via social media.  It was so amazing to connect with a group of intelligent and authentic women who each genuinely care about your success.  As a female small business owner, it can become isolating when you’re limited on who you can share your fears or wins with in building your brand.  It’s tremendously comforting to know that I’ve cultivated life-long friendships with Amanda and all of the women who shared in this weekend.  My heart is full of love and renewed in my purpose to serve others.  I can’t wait to join in the next one!

Sarah Cann

The VIP weekend was truly an extraordinary weekend. It was the perfect mix of work and pleasure. I built amazing relationships with the girls that were there and we pounded out a week's worth of work in one day. Nothing compared to being able to work with Amanda and Lindsey in person. They stretched us, grew us, challenged us, and I came out of the weekend more excited than ever to chase my dreams and reach my goals. I could not have asked for a better experience!

Ashley Wiseman

Some words that instantly come to mind as I reflect on Amanda’s business retreat are inspiring, uplifting, creative, reflective, focused, and authentic.  I came to the business retreat not knowing 100% how I would feel or what types of outcomes we might achieve.  I can share for certain that I felt so energized and motivated by the specific activities Amanda had planned for us!  It is clear she visualized how we could be most successful and was very motivated in making sure we clearly articulated our retreat goals and received the support to follow through.  When the retreat was over, I had made life-long friends that would continue to encourage and support me in my business and felt so excited about my specific business ventures that I had worked on during the retreat.

Some of the biggest strengths of the retreat included Amanda’s vision for being able to identify what would be specifically helpful to our business, our products, our strategy, and ensuring that we felt good intuitively with these directions.  Having focused time to refine and strategize around our unique situations was also very helpful!  While she is very specific and focused on meeting goals, she was also flexible to ensure we felt completely supported and ‘heard’.  There was also a sense of strong community within the attendees…Amanda fostered this positive and authentic spirit that really made the time special and very enjoyable, even during activities (meals) that weren’t focused on business!  We were able to offer feedback (both the positive and the growth edges) to each other that will help us continue to grow forward.  And, I felt taken care of and knew that I would be on a strong path when the retreat was over (which was 100% true)!

I would highly recommend Amanda’s retreat for any female entrepreneur that wants to build their business in an authentic, thoughtful, and motivated way.  If you are someone that would appreciate a positive yet honest approach with a focus on no-nonsense, encouragement, and community, you would definitely love this opportunity!!!  I will definitely be signing up again!!!

Dr. Ariane Machin

Please contact my team if you would like additional information or payment options.

Refund Policy: 50% refund if cancellation occurs within 30 days of event.

Local airports: St. Pete & Tampa International Airport