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Marketing + Mentorship for Female Entrepreneurs

Take Your Small Business

To The Next Level

A virtual strategy workshop for women who want to grow their online business to reach more clients and significantly increase revenue

Join us March 15-16, 2018

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Amanda is such a genius at diving in and starting things well before others, investigating the potential and really learning everything that is needed for optimal success. She of course uses the systems or platforms herself and clearly gets true joy out of helping others and teaching others how to use these systems and platforms for the success of their own businesses. I cannot recommend Amanda and her programs enough. -Kelly Olexa |



Present yourself as the expert so your clients will know you are the authority and you can help.


Social Media Marketing

Learn the strategies that are working right now to gain leads and turn them into loyal (paying!) clients.


Increase Revenue

Quickly reach your 6- or 7-figure revenue goals using our strategies for lead generation and monetization.

8 Simple Modules   ·   2 Powerful Days   ·   From the Convenience of Home

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This is for women who want to uplevel their online business through

  • LIVE Video

  • Utilizing other influencers

  • Testimonials

  • Website Messaging

  • Content Ideas/Creation/Schedule

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Branding and Photos

  • Lead Generation & Sales Funnels



Amanda Tress and Lindsey Murray are the go-to digital marketing authorities when it comes to running a successful online business. They have helped hundreds of women scale their online businesses and see incredible growth in a matter of months.

Clients who are serious about working hard and making things happen are quickly growing their businesses to 6-figure earners. They are creating significant income and recirculating it to family, church and community.

In the 2-Day Virtual Workshop Amanda will teach you

LIVE Video best practices and why you should start using it NOW

How to utilize other influencers in spreading your message

The most effective way to use testimonials on your website

Website Messaging and how to present yourself as the expert that can help

In the 2-Day Virtual Workshop Lindsey will teach you

How to generate ideas and create effective content (plus how to schedule it!)

Multi-Channel Marketing and how to use each platform effectively

Branding and Photos (quality and professionalism)

Lead Generation and Sales Funnels

When you’re equipped to help the clients who want to hire you, you’ll have a recession-proof company. Attend the 2-Day Virtual Workshop to foolproof your online business. We’ll teach you everything you need to know during our 2 powerful days together online.

Register today for the next virtual workshop starting MARCH 15

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Join us on our start day and learn the strategies that will begin moving your business forward right away.

"I have loved working with Amanda, Lindsey, and the whole team! They have given me the guidance & support to create my own program and start my own business! I have learned how to be more effective with social media and how to share my message to my ideal client. My business is still in the early stages, but I'm confident it will continue to grow into the new year! Thank you Amanda for all your help with getting started this year, I'm excited to see what 2018 brings!" -Kat Manigross


"I have never done anything like this before so to have a team of experienced wonderful ladies behind me answering my questions every step of the way made everything run much smoother and gave me the confidence I needed to promote myself and my programs." -Lacey Spallitta



You’re ready to implement a plan that will move your company forward.  You’re ready to get organized once and for all and finally set up a system that gets real results.  You’re ready to start earning the 6- or 7-figure revenue your business is capable of.  You’re ready to invest in yourself and your company so you can get to the next level—fast.


$697 USD


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Amanda has supplied all of the tools, technology and resources to equip me to deliver the most effective online fat loss coaching program in the country. Between the Certification, The Business Mentorship program, and the services provided by The Agency Side I am already in business.  On my own, it would have taken me another year to even start.  I feel empowered, supported, and confident in the marketplace.” 

~ Vivian